Tuesday, June 20, 2006

People I'm looking forward to seeing at Comic-Con.

Ok so posting about Comic-Con finally got me to check the Special Guest's lists. Here's a list of peeps that need to autograph my shit:

Ray Bradbury

-- (good god he's still alive)

Yoshitaka Amano

-- best known for his art on the Final Fantasy video games and on the Vampire Hunter D manga. He also did the art for The Sandman: Dreamhunters, for all you Sandman fans.

Mark Buckingham

--Vertigo artist. (Hellblazer, the Death miniseries's, ...)

Art Clokey

--Creator of Gumby (!!!)

Robert Kirkman

--artist on the Walking Dead.

Walter Koenig

--for you Startrek Geeks, he played Chekov on the original series.


--art designer for the movie The Fifth Element.

Jimmy Palmiotti

-- the inker

John Romita Sr.

-- Marvel heavyweight known for his art work on Spiderman.

Monday, June 19, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con and X-Sanguin V

Not that S.D. people need reminding, but some of you outside of SoCal may be interested in attending the San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest comic convention in the world. There is a lot more to the Comic-Con than comics books though; the SD Comic-Con is a gathering ground for the sci-fi, fantasy, movie, tv, and video game industries. Info at : http://www.comic-con.org/index.php

Anyone attending the festivities should also check out X-Sanguin. A lavish party thrown by the Brotherhood on the Saturday of that weekend. This event always sells out. Tom King and Brenden Cahill of club Decade will be spinning.