Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Landlord refuse to rent to those with tattoos and piercings

Some San Antonio apartment complexes are refusing to rent to people with tattoos and body piercings.Owner of one of these apartment complexes, Edward Frankel, states they do, in fact, "reject prospective tenants who have... tattoos exposed on the neck, head, hands and wrists, or large tattoos that cover over 40% of the lower or upper arm."

Frankel says, "We do not discriminate. The above applies to persons of any race, color, gender, etc." Frankel, and his partners, have purchased numerous upscale apartment complexes in San Antonio and Dallas, where they've also banned pierced eyebrows and tongues.

See original stories at cnn.com (video) and liveleak

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

End of Days: Ministry's Final Album

Ministry's final album, "The Last Sucker", came out today. Front man Al Jorgensen has spent the last few years in my home town of El Paso, Texas working on a trilogy of albums that culminated in this week's release. (One of his tattoo artists worked on me as well, neat!) Check out a review from the All Music Guide.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Amazing Story of Paul Potts

In seven amazing days Paul Potts went from selling mobile phones in Wales to winning 'Britain's Got Talent' and signing a 1 million record deal with Simon Cowell. A real rags to riches tale with Paul £30,000 in debt, suffering years of bullying and recovering from a serious motorbike accident, he now has a massive recording contract and a huge singing career ahead of him.
(--from http://www.paulpottsofficial.com/)